10 Meaningful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Don’t you hate that feeling of defeat at the end of the day when you didn’t get it all done?

The frustration and dissatisfaction can be overwhelming.

Are you a busy mom that needs a few meaningful time-saving tips?

Are you thinking to yourself “What mom out there could actually answer ‘No’ to that question?”

If so, you’re in the right place.

Why can’t busy moms save time?

How can you save time as a busy mom?

Is it possible?

Yes, but let’s talk about it.

Moms are probably the BUSIEST people on the planet

Whether you’re a working mom, stay-at-home-mom, or some combination of the two…there just seems to be an endless influx of things to do, yet never enough time to do them all.

Well, there is actually more time than you realize…and I am here to tell you exactly how to find it.

I am a busy mom JUST LIKE YOUand I have figured out the tricks to saving time

Many years ago…before I had children, I used to think I was busy.  (Click Here for more about me.)

LOL right?

Now that I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, I realize just how much free-time I actually had back then.  It’s sort of like how when you’re young and in shape, but hate your body…then you get older and would give an embarrassing amount of money to have that body back.  Same concept.

I am here to tell you that YES, there is no denying it, you do have LESS time to get things done when you have children…


You have MORE time than what you realize.  You just need to learn how to get in the proper mindset and stop WASTING the time you do have.

Yes.  I said it.  You are wasting time.  (“How to Stop Wasting Time as a Busy Mom” was actually almost the title for this post.)  


Yes, I have fallen down the deep, dark hole of Netflix more times than I am comfortable admitting. 

Or stood at my kitchen counter mindlessly scrolling Facebook when I should have been starting supper. 

I could go on and on. 


Let’s all just take a minute…Stop pretending that we are perfect and waste zero time…Have an open mind and approach this whole time-saving thing with a fresh set of eyes.  

how busy moms get it all done free printable download

What is “Saving Time”?


Ever thought about that?

It’s actually a phrase that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

You can’t “save” time.

There’s no place to put a little time away to be used at a later date.

You can’t go to the “Time Bank” and deposit or withdraw a few hours.

It’s all relative. 

We all have the same amount of hours in a day, days in a week, etc.

So…when you get down to it.  It’s really about moderating spending LESS time on things that do not move you forward on your task list.  This, in turn, leaves MORE time (of the time you have specified) to spend on your actual tasks.  THEN, if managed properly, can create actual FREE-TIME for you.

I will explain this concept in detail in the next section.

In order to do this properly, you will need to do a little tweaking to the way you approach your time management technique.  

Keep reading to see what I mean.

How we (busy moms) are sabotaging our time-saving efforts…and how to stop

Let’s say you have given yourself 2 hours to get your housework done. 

Or the entire day on Saturday.


Make the scenario fit your situation here. 

Just for the example I’ll use 2 hours allotted for housework.

What often happens is we, as busy moms who do not waste time ;), will spend 30 minutes scrolling Facebook, 25 minutes browsing Instagram, and another 20 minutes perusing Pinterest to try and figure out what in the world we’re feeding our family tonight.

woman or mom wasting time on couch scrolling phone


Before we even realize it we have burned through an entire hour and 15 minutes and accomplished ZER0 percent of our intended tasks, and only have 45 minutes remaining. .

Yes, we may have decided what we are cooking tonight, but that was NOT what this allotment of time was meant to be used for. 

So we have a little panic moment and get frustrated with ourselves having realized what we’ve done.  We tell ourselves, okay girl, put your phone down and let’s get this done.

…you know how this ends…

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  …We run out of time.

Hello more frustration.  

Tired of this scene playing out in your home day-after-day, week-after-week?

Allow me to explain how you, as a busy mom, can stop sabotaging yourself and feeling defeated at the end of every day because you think you don’t have enough time.

Instead of wasting time…do this

Instead of wasting 75 minutes of the two hours we designated for housework doing mindless things…

Are you ready…?…

Spend the time DOING HOUSEWORK.

Mind-blowing, right?

It’s that simple though.  It really is.

Just spend the time doing what you said you were going to do.

Easier said than done though, right?

The next section will explain how you actually GET TO THIS POINT…so don’t stop reading.

Then…the real magic kicks in.

If you start immediately on the task you are wanting to accomplish, work diligently, and refuse to let yourself get distracted, you will likely find that 2 hours (or whatever amount of time you’ve allocated) is actually more than you need.

Consequently, after say, an hour, of hyper focused housework, you will find that you are finished.

…and there it is…

You have created an hour of free-time for yourself.

Instead of, as in the previous scenario, only having 45 minutes to scramble to get everything done and still not getting finished anyway.

Then, if you want to do a little mind-numbing social media scrolling, go ahead.  At least you FINISHED what you set out to do.

Now, you won’t have that terrible feeling that all of us busy moms have when we haven’t completed our to-do-list.

Instead, you will feel satisfied and accomplished, which I guarantee you will lead to some major motivation to keep doing things this way.

It’s all about your MINDSET


Getting yourself in the right mindset in order to start managing your time this way is honestly the hardest part of this whole process. 

You’ve just got to approach things differently, and let’s face it…change is HARD…even when we want it.

So keep reading and let me be your guide in this adventure. 

I’ve done the trial-and-error for you, so please leverage my knowledge to get your life where you want it faster than trying to figure this all out on your own.

In the next section you will find my 10 MEANINGFUL Tips for how to “save” time as a busy mom.

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10 Meaningful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms


  • Make a list of EVERYTHING that needs to be done.

Some people call this a “Brain Dump”.

Personally, I like to do this every night, or every other night.

woman or mom at desk writing list in notebook

You literally write down #ALLTHETHINGS.

Here are the 6 sections I use for my Brain Dump.

  • House/Yard
  • Work
  • Financial
  • Kids/Husband
  • Me
  • Other

(If you would like to know EXACTLY how I do my nightly BRAIN DUMP…click on over to my “Organized Brain Dump Template for Busy Moms” post—BONUS—you can download the FREE PRINTABLE!I)

organized brain dump template for busy moms mentalmommy.com

Click Here or on the image of the Brain Dump printable to read all about how I do my Organized Brain Dump every night.


  • Be intentional and calculating.

Don’t just decide at 2:00 pm that you’re going to do your brain dump, make your list and complete it all before bedtime.

notebook showing list of things to do

Decide at least the morning of, better yet the night before, what you are wanting to accomplish that day and when. (when to start, how long to take, etc.)


  • Have a method. 
  • Do not start too many things. 
  • Finish all of what you start.

Put a little thought into what tasks or types of tasks you want to accomplish that day.

Don’t overextend yourself by doing something like trying to pressure wash your house and shampoo your carpets all in the same day.

Whatever you start, be sure to finish it…and as mentioned above, don’t attempt too much. 

Instead, perhaps plan for one BIG task grouped with several smaller tasks.  I have a prioritized task list printable that I use to keep me from going overboard and trying to accomplish too much. You can read all about how I make my task list here.

Trying to do all your bigger tasks in one day is setting yourself up for failure.


  • Arrange tasks in logical sequences.

You know, the whole “don’t put the cart before the horse” concept.

notebook with numbered to do list

Do things in ways that make the most sense. 

For example:

  • clean from top to bottom in a room
  • don’t clean the stove-top right before you fry chicken for supper
  • balance your checkbook before you pay bills (probably after as well)

Just do things in a practical manner.


  • Concentrate on what you are doing.
  • Do not fixate on what has not yet been done.

THIS one is so important.

I have the MOST TROUBLE with this.

While you are working stay focused on what you are doing and only what you are doing.

Don’t sabotage yourself by fixating on all the things that you haven’t finished yet. 

This will only make you anxious and frustrated.

Tell yourself “Nope. Stop that. Don’t worry about that right now.  This time is for (insert task at hand).”

If you stay focused there will be time for those other things later.


  • Put the phone away.
  • Turn off the television/computer.
woman or busy mom at desk casually scrolling phone wasting time

It can’t get any simpler.

I mean, what else could I say?


  • Make it simple.
  • Be efficient.

The definition of ‘streamlined’ is : “To alter in order to make more efficient or simple.”

An example I love to give of streamlining your tasks to save time is LAUNDRY.  (This scenario is overly exaggerated to make a point.)

You wouldn’t get one shirt out of the dryer, fold it, walk to your bedroom to put it away, then return to the dryer for one more shirt, fold it, put it away, etc. 

Would you?


(Ahem, If this is how you put away laundry…then I have no doubt this post will change your life.)


  • Do related things together.

For example:

  • Balance your checkbook and pay a few bills in one sitting.
  • Fold and hang laundry all at once.
  • Empty the dishwasher and start a new load if needed.
  • Get the mail when you take your garbage and recycling to the end of the driveway.

Etc., etc.


  • Make sure the most important tasks are ranked appropriately.
notebook with blank priority list of things to do today

Identify the things on your task list that have the most urgency or value and make certain that you have prioritized them accordingly.

You can click here to read my post that explains EXACTLY how I prioritize my tasks using my brain dump, decision matrix, and prioritized task lists templates. You can download ALL THREE FREE TEMPLATES!


  • Quit waiting for when you feel like it and just start.

Whatever time you have decided will be set aside for completing your tasks…when that time comes…START.

If ‘as soon as you wake up’ is when you need to start, then by golly get started as soon as you wake up

Don’t mess around and let the distractions of the day get you off course.

The most important thing you need to know about saving time as a busy mom

Let’s face it.

Other than being distracted by social media/entertainment, the one thing that interrupts our focus the most is our children.

It’s just a fact.  They need us. There’s just no substitute for mom.

busy mom helping toddler daughter wash hands at kitchen sink

So…here’s my two cents on that.

If you have done your brain dump, made your lists, and gotten yourself into the right MINDSET using the tips above…then you’re off to an EXCELLENT start.

However, NO MATTER HOW PREPARED you are…your kids are going to need you to stop what you’re doing at some point (or several) throughout the day to help them, feed them, break up fights, etc. 


Factor in a little cushion time in your schedule to accommodate these disruptions. 

Maybe you could have a couple activities planned that they can do by themselves for times during the day when you really need no interruptions.

OR…better yet, have them HELP. This article from Brooke at Happy Simple Mom is a great way to get your kids started helping out around the house! She has GREAT advice on how to get the rest of your family on board with helping out. BONUS: She even has a FREE CHORE CHART PRINTABLE that you can snag!

If you don’t agree with one single time-saving tip I have listed…then at least remember this ONE THING

*REMEMBER THIS: If you have to stop what you are doing and you lose 15 minutes of work time because your 5 year old can’t find his favorite toy: that is SO MUCH DIFFERENT than losing 15 minutes because you were scrolling Instagram.

The distractions and interruptions from your kids will always be there…until they’re not.

…and then we’ll all be sulking around in our clean homes wishing we had some Legos to pick up off the floor.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.


It all comes down to this:

Use the 10 tips in this list to get yourself in the right mindset to save time and still get everything done, despite being a busy mom…AND have plenty of love, energy, and TIME left for your children.

The 10 time-saving tips for busy moms in LIST form for easy reading

Below are all the tips in list form to make them a little easier to read. If you would like a snazzy version to print out and hang on your fridge or put in your planner to help keep you in the right mindset Click Here or enter your email in the sign up box below this list!

    • Make a list of everything that needs to be done.
    • Be intentional and calculating.
    • Have a method.
    • Do not start too many things.
    • Finish all of what you start.
    • Arrange tasks in logical sequences.
  5. FOCUS
    • Concentrate on what you are doing.
    • Do not fixate on what has not yet been done.
    • Put the phone away.
    • Turn off the television.
    • Make it simple.
    • Be efficient.
    • Do related things together.
    • Make sure that the most important tasks are ranked appropriately.
    • Stop waiting for when you feel like it and just START.
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What are your best tips for saving time as a busy mom?

I truly hope that the tips I have shared here have helped you in some way.  As busy moms, we ALL need all the help we can get. 

thought bubble on chalkboard idea light bulb in it

That being said.  I would really like the comments on this post to serve as sort of a gathering spot for all of you to showcase your best tips.

We all learn when we share information.

Remember…We’re all in this together!

So if you have a great tip you think other busy moms could benefit from, please leave it in the comments below!

Or if this list has helped you to be more productive as a busy mom—come back and let me know! We would all love to hear your success story!

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13 thoughts on “10 Meaningful Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms”

  1. Great list!
    I think you nailed it at the very beginning…you have to be in the right mindset. If we’re not really wanting to change then we won’t.

  2. These are fabulous tips. I know how difficult it can be. My daughter has a 22 month old. She is now working full-time from home during the current pandemic and is having to adjust her habits in order to get things done. At least she and her husband are tagteam. That helps tremendously!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it is very difficult to get it all done as a busy mom with kids @ home! I am so glad your daughter has her husband to help during this CRAZY time we find ourselves in currently!

  3. These are great tips. With the right mindset, you can do anything. My favorite tip is working in order. It’s easier to get things done when you follow a plan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your humor throughout this post! I was dying when you said the key to getting housework done is to DO THE HOUSEWORK. If I didn’t blog I would for sure not have social media on my phone at all. I deleted it for about a year and it was crazy how much more productive I was. Love all these tips!

    1. Thank you! A little humor helps everything! 😆 It seems so simple to just do what you said you were going to do… but we all know its not always that simple! Wow! Deleting socials for a whole year! Agreed, it’s sort of a necessity when you’re a blogger!

  5. Moms are not “probably” the BUSIEST people on the planet, moms ARE for sure the busiest people on the planet lol! I have a little one and I work from home, it’s so hard to manage my time, these tips are very helpful. I’m going to start making a plan for the day and do things in order. Thanks 🙂

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