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You can TOTALLY start your own blog (and make money from it!)…

Here are the EXACT resources I used to build my own blogging business!

Let me explain something…”blogging” is NOT what you’re thinking.

If you are thinking that in order to be a blogger you have to post selfies all day long and constantly update people on your every move…you are mistaken.

YES, there are bloggers who do just that, and make money, BUT this kind of blogging is not what is predominant these days.

Think of it like this….Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc., …they all have “websites” to go along with their brick-and-mortar businesses.

A blogger’s “blog” is exactly the same thing…it is just a website that isn’t neccesarrily attached to an actual physical structure where we sell products, services, etc.

We do all of that on our blog=website.

So…call it a website if you want. It’s all basically the same.

The MAIN thing to understand is that YES…you can make money doing this.

The wonderful woman I learned everything from has already made over a MILLION DOLLARS from her blog.

Keep reading to see the resources I’ve used to start my very own blogging business and how you can do the same.


If you are just getting started, the following section of courses are exactly what you need.

They are taught by an amazing woman named Suzi Whitford from

She seriously is the best.

You can learn everything you need to know get get your blog off the ground and start making money!

You can choose from a list of ALL OF HER COURSES or select from the ones below!

Happy Blogging!

I started my blogging business journey with her signature course Blog by Number.

I then purchased the Post by Number course to get started writing great blog posts.

Below are more of the many courses I have purchased from to start and grow my blogging business!

The NICHE BY NUMBER course guides you through deciding on the perfect niche for your blog. Don’t know what that means?…then you may want to purchase this one first.

The LIST BY NUMBER course teaches you how to start and grow your email list. Something you will DEFINITELY need to do if you want to make money blogging!

The PRINTABLES BY NUMBER course is fantastic. Selling printables is one of the quickest ways to start making money with your blog. Suzi walks you through everything to get you started with that in this course.


If you truly want to turn your blog into a profitable business…you must have legal pages.

Actually, you need them even if you never intend to blog for profit. Things like cookie consent and GDPR just to name a couple.

You may be asking yourself “Can I get by without this?”…


You can’t skip this step.

Below are the exact courses I used to get the necessary legal pages onto my blog.

This is the LEGAL BUNDLE. I purchased this exact set of courses to get everything I needed in order for my blog to be legal.

Below are the individual courses that are included in the LEGAL BUNDLE.

The PRIVACY POLICY TEMPLATE AND WORKSHOP course has everything you need to get your own privacy policy customized to YOUR blog.

The AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE TEMPLATE course has what you need to legally become an affiliate through programs like Amazon, Target, ShareASale, etc.

The TERMS OF USE TEMPLATE course will provide you with your Terms of Use policy for your blog/website.

The DISCLAIMER TEMPLATE course provides you with the template for you disclaimer page for you site for liability purposes, etc. Subscribe form